How to do Push Ups for Beginners

There are different alternatives to correctly perform this push ups exercise with which you will not only strengthen the upper body of the body.

They are ideal for toning the muscles of the chest and biceps, although they also involve the shoulders, lats, abs, legs, and buttocks. They contribute to weight loss and improve health and body mobility. Incorporating push-ups into our training routine has a more than positive impact.

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However, despite being one of the most popular exercises, they are not easy to perform correctly and any small mistakes can lead to shoulder pain, discomfort, and even injury. Although many people only have in mind the image of how to perform a classic push-up, lying on the floor with your hands outstretched and lowering your body while slowly bending your arms, There are endless alternatives especially suitable for beginners. There is no shame in starting from the beginning.

Wall push ups for Beginner

If you are one of those who do not master the technique or do not have an optimal state of form, you can enter the universe of push-ups with the wall as an ally, with which you will reduce the amount of weight that the muscles of the arms have to support. To perform this exercise, all you have to do is face the wall and place your hands on it at shoulder height. Then bring your chest up to touch the wall and flex your arms again until you return to the starting position. Remember to tighten your abdomen throughout the movement.

push ups for beginners

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Push-ups on step (kneeling)

Once the wall technique is learned, we will gradually proceed to perform the exercise on more horizontal surfaces with the help of a step. The intensity of this exercise remains low.

Get on your knees and support your hands on the step in line with your shoulders and your hands at a distance slightly greater than shoulder width. With your abdomen contracted, keep your elbows close to your torso and bend them to lower your body until your chest almost touches the ground. Take a short pause and then lift your body to return to the starting position.

Push-ups on knees
Push ups on knees

When you manage to perform the push ups correctly, you can take the next step by choosing not to rest your knees on the ground or eliminate the step (or any other surface) from the training to add extra resistance.

Push-ups with shoulder touch

This move requires a bit more technique. Rest your hands on the floor in line with your shoulders and your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. The body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. Bend your elbows to lower your torso toward the ground, pause, and raise your body to the starting position. Then briefly touch one shoulder with the hand on the opposite side and repeat the exercise with the opposite hand.

Before introducing this exercise into your routine, you can try the hand-tap variant. Pause at the top of the push-up and use one hand to touch the other. Change hands with each rep.