COVID-19 Policies

How Our Trainers Follow Covid-19 Policies

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Screening + Self-Monitoring

Face Masks


When attending in-person appointments, clients will need to attest they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms or had any recent possible exposure.
Trainers are responsible for self-monitoring for symptoms and follow public health protocols if they develop any symptoms
As mandated by the Toronto By-law, face masks are required to be used by trainers at all times when indoors or when social distancing cannot be maintained.
Clients must also wear them when entering, walking around and exciting a facility that is not their home (including our studio), except when engaging in physical exercise
Clients and trainers must wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer after using equipment, and before and after sessions. They must also make sure to wipe down equipment after use.
Sanitization stations are set up in our studio with hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray for use before, during and after sessions
Your risk of infection is lower and your risk of getting ill being hospitalized from covid-19 is much lower because our team and all trainers are fully vaccinated. Our first priority is your health and wellness.
Clients and coaches must maintain 6 feet of physical distance between themselves and other trainees.
As per the government of India, all clients must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination.