How to Get Bigger Legs For Females- Step By Step Leg Exercises

Here we show you the proven strategy to have bigger legs exercises at home , first I explain which and how many exercises you should do, then I explain how and what you should eat.

Training to tone and bigger legs and hips

This strong localized workout on the leg and hip muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus and medius) will strengthen and tone them over time. ( Reference)

How many days to train with these exercises for bigger legs in 2 week?

The training plan can be done at least two or three times a week. For best results for the bigger legs workout, do it for four days. If you are not in the habit of exercising, the series of each movement should not be so long.

How many repetitions do each exercise on the list below?

Do at least 3-4 exercises per training day that I mention below.

As the weight you lift increases, the repetitions should be decreased, in order to promote muscle growth. Keep in mind that to maintain harmony in the body structure you must also exercise the upper body.

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The most recommended exercises for bigger legs and thick hips

squats with weights or without in all their variations

squats with weights or without  for bigger legs

They are very complete exercises when it comes to strengthening the muscles of the lower body. The quads, glutes, and calves are stimulated simultaneously. Each of its variations offers a different benefit.

is it better to do squats with or without weights?

is it better to do squats with or without weights?
  • Back squats require a barbell located behind the neck, supported by the shoulders.
  • Front squats are performed with the same bar, this time located at the front of the shoulders.
  • They can also be performed with dumbbells resting on the shoulders or with the arms extended along the body.

To perform them properly big thighs workout, the feet should be placed apart, aligned with the hips. The knees are bent and the hips are pushed back as if to bring them to the floor. Once your thighs are parallel to the surface, extend your legs to return to the starting position. ( Reference )

Below is a video on how to do barbell squats correctly:

Lunges for the Hips, Glutes, and Thighs for Bigger Legs

Lunges workout for the Hips, Glutes, and Thighs

They are also compound exercises to stimulate quadriceps, hips, and calves. They are very simple to make and have three variants that you can choose from to get bigger legs.

  • The traditional lunge starts in a staggered position. You must advance with one foot, return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg.
  • The rear lunges are very similar, but instead of advancing the bigger legs is brought behind the body.
  • The lunges with displacement, as their name implies, do not require returning to the starting position to change legs, you advance by doing the lunges alternately.

The proper way to do them is to start with the staggered posture, with the back straight while flexing the front knee and bringing the back to the floor. Return to the starting position while maintaining balance.

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Check Video below Lunges workout for beginners & Bigger Hips

Bigger Legs With Deadlifts : Leg Workouts

Deadlifts Give You bigger legs

Dead Lift exercise stimulates the hamstrings for bigger legs. It can be done with the help of a barbell or dumbbells. With your back and knees straight and your weight in front of your thighs, bend your waist down as if you wanted to touch your feet. Then return to the starting position.

Below is a video how to do a deadlift:

how to do a deadlift with a bar steps by steps

Leg Press Exercises for Inner Thighs

leg press wprkout for bigger legs in 2 weeks

Unlike the previous exercises, for this you do require a specific machine that you can find in any gym. You can add or remove weight depending on your physical condition and the muscular endurance that you have developed you bigger legs.

To do it properly:

  • First of all you should sit on a bench that has a slight incline for the back and the feet supported on the plank of the machine. The knees should be bent and your hands resting on the lateral supports.
  • The exercise consists of pushing the plank with the feet, stretching the legs to lift the weights. You will feel that the work is focused on the muscles. Then the weight should be relieved on the bent knees.

When performing this exercise you should avoid stretching your legs completely, your knees should be slightly bent to avoid the risk of injury. With the passage of practice, you will be able to increase the initial weight that you load on the machine.

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Below is a video of how to do the leg press:

Barbell bridge exercise for glutes

With your back resting on a bench, and a bar resting on your hips, support your body weight on your knees and the part of your back that is supported. Raise your hips to raise the bar simulating the shape of a bridge.

This exercise is ideal for strengthening muscles, however you must make additional efforts to gain muscle mass.

Keep in mind all these changes to your daily routine to achieve the results you expect. If you want to have a healthy process that will last over time, put these recommendations into practice.

Any change you want to make in your body must be implemented progressively to avoid health problems. Weight gain and loss can be achieved healthily and without causing harm.

Should you do cardiovascular exercise?

Another important part of training is to perform cardiovascular exercises. The most recommended are walking, cycling or training on the elliptical following an intense pace. This can be done between 15 and 30 minutes in each workout. ( Reference)

How to get bigger legs and hips fast?

How to get bigger legs and hips fast

You occupy training your leg muscles with the exercises I mention below and you occupy eating more calories than your daily caloric requirement.

Body weight depends directly on the daily amount of calories you eat in your diet. Therefore, if you want to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you expend. An increase of 250 to 300 calories will be enough to exceed the daily caloric expenditure.

However, during this process you need to be very careful. When you overeat, you cannot decide in which parts of your body the grams you gain will be concentrated, the most natural thing is that when you gain weight, you maintain your genetic shape with a little increased size.

That is, if you have a large torso and thin legs, it is possible that when you gain weight, these conditions are reinforced. If the volume is naturally concentrated in the hips and legs, the extra weight will also stay in these areas.

How to get bigger legs for men?

It is always important to highlight the combination of diet and exercises focused on the objectives we have. If we want to focus on increasing the thickness of the legs, we must establish a leg routine for bigger legs fast:

  • Weightless and weighted squats
  • Exercises with machines for calves and glutes
  • Lunges
  • Leg press
  • Train 3 to 4 times a week

How to have bigger legs in a short time?

How to have bigger legs in a short time

If you want to see quick results to have thick legs, you have to focus on a balanced diet without caloric restriction, since it is necessary to build new muscle, a greater amount of energy.

You must train at least 4 times a week and apply all the techniques correctly and warm up beforehand. You can increase the weight progressively. It is best to do short series with the maximum weight that you can at the moment.

How to get bigger legs fast without exercise?

Legs can be enlarged without exercise but only due to higher fat content. 
There is no alternative that has shown increased muscle mass without physical activity. 
On the contrary, the lower limbs are very sensitive to changes in activity and the muscle hypotrophs quickly when having little activity.

How to get your legs big in a week at home?

It is very difficult to obtain results in such a short time. 
In another part of the article we have exposed the volume that is gained per training time on average. 
In just one week you can improve muscle tone and gain some stamina.

How to do big leg and pump fast?

The key exercises to improve the buttocks and legs must be performed with weight and in a few repetitions. 
If we do more repetitions with little weight, we gain muscle tone but very little volume. 
The classic exercises are
Femoral curl
Cufflinks for cufflinks

Exercises to get bigger legs & hips for women

The classic exercises to bigger legs in women are:
Dumbbell lunges.
Dumbbell squats.
Use of the medicine ball with squats.
Squats with dumbbells in front.
Jump squats.
Standing dumbbell calves.

How to get fat legs in one day?

You cannot increase the volume of your legs in one day. 
Exercises such as squats and leg presses can temporarily cause an increase in volume, after exercise, as a result of increased activity and weight, but this edema effect disappears in a short time.

Advantages of having bigger legs

Increase strength in the lower body

The muscles that are located in the legs are the largest that your body has, so when you exercise them you are helping your metabolism work better and you can burn more fat. When muscle tissue is strengthened, the body’s metabolic functions are improved.

Improves performance in many sports

Activities such as running, dancing or lifting weights, require a specific physical form. With strong legs you can practice these sports more efficiently and develop more stamina.

It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

When the weight is not concentrated in the abdomen but distributed in the hips and legs, there is less risk of suffering from these diseases and diabetes.

Sugars break down faster

It has been concluded that women with voluptuous and toned hips and legs have more adequate circulatory processes. The production of substances that help metabolize sugar is increased, and there are also lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Save aches and pains in old age

Over the years, the deterioration of the joints and bones is imminent. However, the negative impact of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can be reduced if you spend time during your life strengthening your legs.

These large muscles help reduce the direct impact of body weight on the knees.

The bone system has better support

Being surrounded by worked and toned muscles, the bones are better protected. These muscles also help build a stronger core, which improves spinal health and reduces the possibility of injury to any region of the back.

30 Best Leg Exercises and Workouts You Should Know for Bigger Legs

  1. Front Squat
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat
  3. Deadlift
  4. Squat
  5. Dumbbell Stepup
  6. Deadlift
  7. Swiss Ball Leg Curl
  8. Leg Press
  9. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
  10. Walking Lunge
  11. Bodyweight Calf Raise
  12. Reverse Lunge
  13. Pause Squat
  14. Dumbbell Squat
  15. Kettlebell Swing
  16. Jump Squat
  17. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
  18. Barbell Calf Raise
  19. Jumping Calf Raise
  20. Skater Squat
  21. Glute Bridge Walkout
  22. Barbell Hip Thrust
  23. Seated Calf Raise
  24. Single-Leg Glute Bridge
  25. Swiss Ball Wall Squat
  26. Kettlebell Press-Out
  27. Reverse Table-Up
  28. Suspension Trainer Leg Curl
  29. Overhead Lunge
  30. Standing Calf Raise