Les Mills Workout, That will Give You a New Body Shape

Les Mills Workout is a short period session. The most used excuse for avoiding sports is lack of time. The Les Mills workout was born in New Zealand to combat the sedentary lifestyle of people with this “problem.” It is a system based on group classes that changes its dynamics every trimester and uses music to stimulate effort. It is possible that you have been in some of them without realizing it, disciplines such as Body Combat, Body Pump, or Cross Fit are within this type of training.

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This type of training became famous because it combines three fundamental characteristics: results, fun and short duration . There are different intensities of exercises and all movements are previously studied to improve muscle and lung capacity, etc. Choreographies must change every three months to continue to effectively stimulate the entire body. Songs are also chosen to activate the brain and improve performance during class.

Classes based on the Les Mills training are taught collectively and conducted through imitation. A trainer guides the students to perform the movements in a group and intersperses individual training tables according to the objectives they wish to achieve and their abilities. At first, they will start by doing common planks to strengthen and define all muscle groups but will evolve until they find the perfect custom workout.

In general, the duration ranges from 30 to 45 minutes. The first class that became popular gyms was BodyPump, it consists of 10 music mixes and each of them is aimed at working for a different muscle group. The main goals are to improve strength and endurance with barbell exercises and weights. Little by little other disciplines such as Body Combat based on martial arts were introduced to burn more than 700 calories per session. Body Step, an interval training to tone especially the buttocks and legs.

The Grit is the most powerful discipline based on high-intensity exercises based on cycles to burn fat, increase strength levels with the body’s own weight, and others to improve agility.

Finally, one of the most demanded disciplines is Body Balance: it is a class to work body and mind together. This training consists of combining movements of Yoga, Pilates and Taichi to relax while gently exercising the muscles to provide total balance to the body. The session ends with meditation while controlling the breath.

This discipline has managed to create a healthy addiction for sports . His followers feel great satisfaction when they attend his classes and are motivated by listening to the music of the workouts outside the gym. The best of all is that they manage to fascinate family and friends with the positive energy they transmit about this sport.

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DIFFERENT TYPES OF FITNESS CLASSES: Les Mills currently has 11 different types of fitness classes, some more popular than others and each geared towards a different training and type of goal.

BODYPUMP: Les Mills Workout

The very first workout was created back in 1990, and launched the entire company. This is an intense strength training session using a barbell. The goal is to maximize pumping or “pumping” the muscles of the whole body. This is a lightweight multi-rep. The workout is based on the so-called “The Rep Effect” – a scientifically proven effect obtained through repetitive exercises with light weights. As a result, you get athletic muscles and a sculpted body.

les mills workout bodypump

Classes are held in large rooms, often with dark lighting. Music is selected strictly in accordance with the changing load and maintains the desired heart rate of the students.

For those looking to burn calories and achieve a lean but toned body, the Bodypump is the solution. This exercise is based on performing multiple repetitions with light and medium weights working all areas of the body and burning an average of 430 calories per session.


Bodybalance is a totally different concept, much more relaxed and leisurely. Born from the fusion of yoga with taichi and Pilates, it will not help you lose weight but you will improve your flexibility and the condition of your muscles thanks to the gentle but sustained strength work that is carried out. Try it if you notice a loaded and sore back, you won’t regret it.

BODYATTACK: Les Mills Training

Bodybalance is a totally different concept, much more relaxed and leisurely. Born from the fusion of yoga with taichi and Pilates, it will not help you lose weight but you will improve your flexibility and the condition of your muscles thanks to the gentle but sustained strength work that is carried out. Try it if you notice a loaded and sore back, you won’t regret it.


More intense is the Bodyattack, which combines athletic movements such as running, dips, and jumps with strength exercises such as squats and push-ups. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users, this collective class is hard-hitting and allows you to burn up to 730 calories.


In the same line of intense work Bodycombat and Cxworx. At Bodycombat, his martial arts-inspired routines are perfect for releasing stress and feeling a rush of adrenaline, and all without the need for direct contact with the opponent. The best benefits of combat without the drawbacks of battle.


For its part, Cxworx is aimed at working the core area and pure muscle exercise. Perfect for those looking for a stronger and more stable body. Remember that the central area of ​​the body is the one that supports everything else and its strengthening is noticeable not only in the training room but also in your daily life.


Sh’Bam , BodyStep , Bodyjam , Bodyvive , The Trip, and RPM are Les Mills Cardio programs:


The Trip and RPM reinvent the concept of spinning, each in its own way. With The Trip get ready for a new experience on the bike because throughout the session you will enjoy the projection of cinematographic images of incredible landscapes and places that will make you forget that you are in the gym.


This is a stationary bike workout. The music is selected according to the load, which is constantly changing. Rest periods at minimum revs alternate with mountain climbing and sprints.

At the same time, everyone can change the load independently in accordance with their condition.


What it gives: endurance, excellent cardiovascular training.


Cardio workout with a step platform. It takes place in full-body format, with the help of additional equipment. Basic steps from step aerobics are combined with squats, burpees, simple push-ups and upper bodywork with free weights.

What it gives: calorie burning, endurance, muscle tone throughout the body, coordination.


There’s also room for dancing at Les Mills. It is proven that classes mounted on choreography in 45-minute sessions are one of the most effective tools to lose weight, improve coordination, and become aware of one’s own body, with the improvement of self-esteem that it entails.

Les Mills has different choreographic classes depending on the style. Sh’bam is more fluid, uninhibited, and fun. You do not need previous experience but you do want to have fun and leave the sense of ridicule at the door.


For more electric rhythms you have body jam , with choirs adapted to the best and the latest in house, hip hop, drum ‘n bass, trap. For dance lovers. Suitable for absolutely everyone, the coach demonstrates all movements gradually, the main thing for you is to observe the rhythm of the music and completely surrender to the dance.

This is a cardio workout that easily burns 500 calories.
What it gives: a lot of calories are spent, endurance increases, psycho-emotional state improves


Finally, with Bodyvive you can work cardio without neglecting anaerobic exercise. In this class, the exercise is balanced with a mixture of running, dips, squats, and exercises with elastic bands to burn calories without neglecting muscle toning.

All over the world, Les Mills is considered high-class workouts, and often even costs more than other group training. A huge team of professionals is constantly working on them, programs are changing, various studies of the impact of these activities on a person are being carried out, new playlists are coming out. They always go through a filter of medical experts and physiotherapists to guarantee optimal physical performance while minimizing the risk of injury.