Train Professionally in the Comfort of Your Own Home with Personal Fitness Trainer

Sahil Fitness delivers result-based personal training at home in Gurgaon or virtual personal training online in India, scheduled at your convenience and hosted in our premium training facility in the comfort of your own home. We provide first-class experienced certified personal fitness trainers in Gurgaon India who inspire, challenge, and empower you every step of the way. Their focus is you and your goals.

In addition to targeted workouts, our personal training program includes individualized nutrition by our Nutritionist Team, progress monitoring, and access to our online training platform. We give you all the tools, guidance, and support you need to achieve your goals.

Why Choose Personal Trainer at Home in Gurgaon?

Although gyms have been a great way to make exercise more accessible for more people, it is not the best place for everyone. These are just a few of the reasons people choose In Home Personal Training.


Some people feel self-conscious when they go to a gym. With an In-Home Personal Trainer, you don't have to worry about what others think.


The In-Home Personal Trainer will ensure that your equipment is used correctly and that the exercises are performed safely.


It is not possible for everyone to get to a gym at the open hours. The drive to and from the gym takes as much time as your workout.


An In Home Personal Trainer will recommend a fitness program tailored to your needs, goals, and circumstances.

Why Choose Personal Trainer Through Sahil Fitness?

Personal training at home just got better for people looking to workout from the comfort of own home. We meet clients in their environment, In their home, office, backyard, in a park and online. You do not have to go anywhere. With Sahil Fitness, hire your trainers, to workout as per your schedules.

Here are some benefits of our Home PT Service:

  • Choose between three categories of trainers, to suit your budget and health needs.
  • Freeze your sessions, to meet your availability demands.
  • All your personal information will be held securely within our records.
  • Each associated trainer is trained to handle emergency situations during workout sessions.
  • All information is maintained in a safe and secure environment and your privacy will be of utmost importance to us at Sahil Fitness.
  • We follow strict protocols when it comes to preventing the transmission of COVID-19. All our team members are Covid -19 certified for Health and Wellness.
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If you’re outside of Gurgaon, we also offer virtual personal training through live sessions & customized plan which allows your to train with us, remotely from anywhere in the world.
Let our team of personal trainers and group training coaches help you become the strongest, fittest and most athletic version of yourself.

What our clients say about us- Google Reviews

Vaneet RandhawaVaneet Randhawa
10:01 15 Sep 22
Sahil is an amazing trainer who understands the body really well. He isn’t just a fitness trainer but also guides you to ensure that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. The best part about working out with him is that he really motivates you to put in your best. I have recommended him to everyone in my family.
Kapil YadavKapil Yadav
09:33 15 Sep 22
Sahil is by far the best trainer I have ever had. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and all around nice guy. It is definitely clear that he only wants the best for his clients. He provides a tremendous value for all the services he offers. If you want to hire one of the best, look no further.
Vishakha MaheshwariVishakha Maheshwari
14:03 19 Aug 22
Great trainer, would definitely recommend him further. I have recently joined him for weight gain and he has been quite patient and understanding in the process. He ensures proper focus on the exercise form as well as balanced diet, and is quite flexible with respect to session timings as well.
mohd rafaymohd rafay
07:47 06 Jun 22
Sahil has been my trainer for 2 years now. He has an excellent understanding of the Human body and what workout would be suitable. He’s punctual, very professional, motivational, and most importantly very caring! He’s truly amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal fitness trainer in gurgaon. Thank you
nikhil bhatnikhil bhat
16:16 30 May 22
Hi sahil is a very hardworking and motivational trainer. I started training with him after recovering from COVID. He helped me in regaining strength and confidence when I was struggling with basic exercise steps. After that I was able to loose 8kgs in very short span of time.

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Welcome to Sahil Fitness: Personal Trainer in Gurgaon

It’s Sahil, associated with a company called Team SF, who provides a personal fitness trainer at home in Gurgaon, who can visit you at your convenience in your home. Team SF is a network of experienced best personal fitness trainer in Gurgaon. A team of some of the best experienced, knowledgeable health professionals like nutritionists, physiotherapists, registered dietitians, group class experts, body transformation specialist coach,  male fitness trainer, and female personal fitness trainer in Gurgaon, Faridabad Haryana.

As you know, the experience of people coming into play will be the key factor and make the biggest difference; you guys have seen my transformation because I had some of the best people who got fit. And I know weight loss is getting complicated for many people; we are making it very simple. So whatever your fitness goals are. Our fitness trainers are there to help you out and focus on achieving long-term results through challenging, creative and fun workouts that sustain you fit for a long time. We’re not going to try to give you temporary results or crash courses, or instant fitness. Our fitness trainers are going to give you results that sustain.

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We’re going to coach you with our best fitness trainer in Gurgaon so that you know how to carry on your life in that particular way, your results stay sustained, and they keep improving because that is what you look out for from a fitness program. So we’re going to give you some of the best programs. So if you all have any fitness queries or are looking for a fitness program or nutritional program, even if you want to get coached by a nutritionist and a lifestyle, we give real we can make that work, where the nutritionist or the dietitian would sit and understand your lifestyle, understand how your eating pattern right now is and how it can be improved, you know, staying. When we say, improve it doesn’t mean you got to take out food that you enjoy, you can still enjoy all the food, but we want to teach you in a very proper demeanour so that you start seeing results also by still eating whatever good food you have been having, so it’s going to be a very different method you guys can get in touch with us you can contact us.

It will help you achieve your fitness dreams like I had a dream right from night standard. I’ve been trying to gain weight, and it took me so many years. Finally, it happened toll is our take that long for you guys because I have a set I have a team of best fitness trainer in Gurgaon who will help you achieve this, no matter what your fitness goal is, no matter how your lifestyle is how tied up and work you are, or whatnot, we will work it out for you we will give you the best results. So fellows, communicate with us if you’re looking for a transformation or fitness plan. And yes, I will not be training you; I have a network of a personal trainer, some of the best experienced and knowledgeable fitness trainer. So Team SF, supporting you to reach your fitness goals.