Bruce Lee’s Push Up: Bruce Lee Two Finger Push Up

The Bruce Lee two finger push up with a two-finger is a brutal exercise in every way. It is an especially useful movement for those people who practice martial arts since it is important to have strength in the fingers to perform certain blows or grabs.

However, I would like to warn you that push-ups with two finger can be terribly harmful if we are not physically fit to perform them, with intermediate exercises more suitable for those who still cannot do them

Bruce Lee Two finger push up

In fact, it is potentially dangerous even for those who can perform them if they do them very regularly since the fingers are not very strong body appendages and they can be injured easily.

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How do you do bruce lee two finger push up?

To do the push-ups with two finger, we must place ourselves in the same position as to do a push-up with one hand, except that to lean on the floor with the remaining one we can only make contact with that surface with the index finger and the thumb. In case of having a great command over this exercise, we can do them with the index finger and the little finger, but I do not recommend doing it to anyone, for safety reasons.

How do you do push-ups with two fingers
How do you do push-ups with two finger

Said fingers (index and ring) must be extended to be able to increase the base on which we are leaning and to be able to enjoy greater stability. We will extend the arm, with the torso in tension, and we will proceed to descend until we are able to touch the ground with the chest. Later, we will go back up until we get back to the original position.

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Later, we will take a slight pause for a second, and we will go back up again. We must prevent the fingers from wiggling, trying to keep them in constant tension to facilitate their stability.

Steps of Bruce Lee Two Finger Push-up:

Step 1: Start from the standard push-up position.
Step 2: Adjust your position so you can balance on one hand.
Step 3: Put all your weight on your index finger and thumb and complete a push-up.

The two-fingers push-up is a callisthenics exercise that primarily targets the chest and to a lesser degree also targets the forearms, shoulders and triceps.

Here is an interesting tutorial on how to do Bruce Lee push ups with two finger and what previous exercises are useful to be able to do them:

What muscles do two fingers push ups work?

The pushups with two fingers are responsible for especially strengthening the muscles of the hand and fingers, as well as those that are common in any kind of bending:

  • Protractor clavicle muscle
  • External superior pectoral
  • Triceps brachii
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Elbow extensor muscles
  • Transverse shoulder
  • Flexor wrist muscle
  • Spinal flexor
  • Front delts
  • Flexor wrist muscle
  • Flexor and extensor muscles of the fingers