19 Quick Tips Winter Weight Loss For Indian

Many people end up taking advantage of the winter to eat caloric foods, such as fondue and hot chocolate. With that, the result is a few extra pounds on the scale. In order not to end the diet in the cold, weight loss, and end the season well with the scale, check out the quick 19 tips from experts to lose weight in the winter.

Take Thermogenic Teas or Green Tea For Weight Loss

Whenever you are bored or in the mood to drink something, bet on thermogenic teas or coffee . In addition to heating up in the cold, they still give you more energy, speed up your metabolism and burn calories.

Take thermogenic tea or green tea for weight loss
Take thermogenic tea or green tea

Eat More Protein For Weight Loss

By eating more protein, you decrease the amount of calories you consume during the day.

“This is because the protein will give a greater feeling of satiety, for a longer time and with this, we trick our brain into thinking that we eat more than we actually eat. But, be careful: give preference to lean proteins ”,

Bet on Thermogenic Foods

Bet on thermogenic foods to help maintain or lose weight in the winter. They speed up metabolism and increase fat burning. Bet on peppers, cinnamon, ginger, green tea, black tea and coffee.

Innovate your favorite recipes and adapt for the winter

Look for healthier, less caloric ways of preparing food, for example by reducing or replacing oil and sugar. Prepare food in the oven, instead of frying. Swap white flour for flaxseed or chia flour. Small changes, in the end, make a big difference.

Start a New Diet in Winter For Weight Loss

Contrary to what they say, winter is not the time to escape the diet, but to start a new one. “Look for a nutrition professional to guide you on a good diet. Winter is a great time to start a weight loss plan with physical activity. Think you want to be skinny in the summer, ”explains Sahil. It is better to go preparing the body for the bikini right now, and without much effort! So, you don’t have to go on extreme diets afterwards.

Replace the Bread When Weight Loss in Winter

Change to an oatmeal with water and 1 spoon of chia and unsweetened cocoa powder. If you want, you can still put a fruit. Oats are super comforting on cold days and full of phytochemicals and health benefits ”, teaches the professional.

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Do Practice Physical Exercises For Weight Loss

Do Practice Physical Exercises For Weight Loss
Do Practice Physical Exercises For Weight Loss

Get rid of laziness in the cold and go for physical activities . In addition to burning calories and keeping your body in shape, it’s still a great way to warm up your body on cold days.

The unwillingness for sports and the desire to stay warm with warm clothing can harm your body. Exercises help to increase body temperature, keeping us warm for much longer. Standing still causes the pressure to drop and the body to cool.

Prepare Salad For Lunch With Sauteed Leaves

“Don’t you like to eat cold salad on winter days? Then, prepare some sauteed leaves with garlic and onion as an accompaniment to your proteins. Examples: cabbage, cabbage and endive ”.

Bet on the Shiitake For Weight Loss

This food is great to accompany meals. It has few calories and great nutritional value and also helps the immune system.

Eat More Spicy Foods For Weight Loss

The peppers are a thermogenic effect that can aid in weight loss, “Capsaicin promotes the stimulation of brown fat, which aids in metabolism,” she adds. Spicy food may also help you with your food cravings. Research from Purdue University found that eating spicy foods can decrease appetite and lower the number of calories you eat. Know More

Drink Plenty of Water Fluids for Weight Loss

If you don’t want to drink water, opt for natural teas. “Continuous fluid intake activates the internal organs and keeps the metabolism in constant motion. The lack of water decreases the metabolism and triggers several factors, such as dry skin and dull hair ”, explains Sahil, nutritionist at the clinic Liliane Opperman. In addition, the lack of water in the body is one of the factors that cause cellulite.

The process of metabolizing fat is called lipolysis. The first step of this process is hydrolysis, which occurs when water molecules interact with triglycerides (fats) to create glycerol and fatty acids. Drinking enough water is essential for burning off fat from food and drink, as well as stored fat. Know More

Get Sunbathing For Weight Loss

Get Sunbathing For Weight Loss
Sunbathing For Weight Loss

Even in the cold, try to be exposed to the sun for a few minutes, especially in the morning. This will stimulate the release of serotonin, a substance responsible for the well-being, reducing anxiety and the desire to eat sweets during the day.

Consume Alpha Borra

“One of the advantages is its low glycemic index, which contributes to glycemic control and promotes greater satiety. Carob tastes like cocoa, but with additional benefits, ”explains Sahil. In addition, it is a great ally for your training, and does not contain gluten or lactose.

Bet on the soups

In addition to heating, they are also sources of nutrients and increase satiety. Just be aware of the ingredients of the soup, so as not to add too many calories.
Soups could be like lentil Mexican soup, peas and crayons soup, vegetarian tortilla soup, creamy tortellini sausage soup, cafe delites soup, chicken noodle soup, crockpot Italian soup, and creamy tortellini soup.

Take a Proper Sleep

“A poor night’s sleep slows down your metabolism, in addition to making the weight loss process more difficult. Bet on tryptophan-rich foods at supper, which help improve sleep quality. Some of them are: Oats, Almonds, low-fat cheeses, skimmed milk and sunflower seeds ”, emphasizes Santim.

Consume Fiber Foods

Usually, we have the impression that hunger is greater in the cold. To replace cold dishes, such as salads, prefer steamed greens and vegetables such as green beans, zucchini and broccoli. In addition to increasing satiety and speeding up metabolism, they also improve digestion.

Keep a Hobby For Weight Loss

“Even in the cold, get out of the routine and do activities that you really enjoy. It is a great way to escape bad thoughts and stay motivated. To become routine, look for some activity that you identify with and remember that the important thing is to maintain frequency. For the sedentary group, a good start is to exchange elevators for stairs, let the laziness aside and go walking in nearby places ”, explains Sahil Fitness. In addition, this practice reduces anxiety and the desire to devour caloric foods.

Eat Every Three Hours Help For Weight Loss

It is important to distribute meals better throughout the day. This prevents your metabolism from slowing down and making you more hungry.

Consume Fruits to Weight Loss

“The tip is to eat them with intermediate snacks or as an entry for lunch or dinner. With that you stimulate more chewing and end up eating less! You can eat them warm as a dessert: hot banana with cinnamon or roasted pineapple ”, says the nutritionist.

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