8 Best Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass Quickly

In order to gaining muscle mass quickly, it is important to do physical activity on a regular basis and following the coach’s guidelines, in addition to following an appropriate diet for the goal, giving preference to foods rich in protein.

It is also important to give the muscle some time to rest so that it can grow, because during exercise the muscle fibers are injured and send a signal to the body that indicates the need for muscle recovery, and it is during recovery that muscle mass is gained.

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Food is also a fundamental part of the process of gaining muscle mass fastly, as it provides the necessary nutrients so that the diameter of muscle fibers can increase, ensuring hypertrophy.

gaining muscle mass fast
gaining muscle mass quickly

The 8 best tips for gaining muscle mass quickly and efficiently are:

how to gain muscle mass fast
gaining muscle mass quickly

1. Do each exercise slowly

Weight training exercises should be performed slowly, especially in the muscle contraction phase, because when performing this type of movement more fibers will be injured during the activity and the more effective the muscle mass gain will be during the muscle recovery period.

In addition to favouring hypertrophy, the slower movement also causes the person to acquire greater body awareness, avoiding compensations during exercise that end up making exercise easier.

Check out a workout plan to gaining muscle mass quickly.

workout plan to gain muscle mass
workout plan to gain muscle mass

2. Don’t stop exercising as soon as you start to feel pain

When experiencing pain or a burning sensation during exercise, it is recommended not to stop, as it is at that moment that the white fibers of the muscle begin to break, leading to hypertrophy during the recovery period.

However, if the pain felt is in a joint used to perform the activity or in another muscle that is not directly related to the exercise, it is recommended to stop or decrease the intensity that the exercise is performed to avoid the risk of injury.

3. Train 3 to 5 times a week

In order to gain muscle mass, it is important that training takes place on a regular basis, it is recommended that training takes place 3 to 5 times a week and the same muscle group is worked out 1 to 2 times, since muscle rest is essential for hypertrophy.

Thus, the instructor can indicate various types of training according to the person’s objective, and the ABC training for hypertrophy is often recommended. Understand what ABC training is and how it is done.

4. Eat a protein-rich diet

To gain muscle mass, it is important that the person has a healthy diet and rich in proteins, since they are responsible for the maintenance of muscle fibers and, consequently, are directly related to hypertrophy. In addition to increasing protein consumption, it is also important to consume good fats and consume more calories than you spend.

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5. Train intensely to gain muscle fast

It is important that the training is done intensively, and it is recommended that it starts with a light warm-up, which can be either through aerobic exercises or through the rapid repetition of a weight training exercise that will be part of the workout of the day.

After weight training, it is also recommended that aerobic training be done, which will help in the process of increasing metabolism and caloric expenditure, also favoring hypertrophy.

6. Change training regularly

It is important that the training is changed every 4 or 5 weeks to avoid muscle adaptation, which can interfere with the hypertrophy process. Thus, it is important that after 5 weeks the instructor evaluates the person’s performance and the progress he / she has made and indicates the performance of other exercises and new training strategies.

7. Each exercise should be performed using 65% of the maximum load

The exercises should be performed using about 65% of the maximum load that can be done with a single repetition. For example, when it is possible to do only one repetition of thigh extension with 30 kg, for example, to perform the entire series of training, it is indicated that a weight of more or less 20 kg is used to perform the complete series of exercise.

As the person goes through the training, it is normal for the 20 kg to become lighter, so it is necessary that there is a progressive increase, as this way it is possible to promote hypertrophy.

8. When the desired objective is reached, one must not stop

After reaching the desired muscle mass, one should not stop exercising, so as not to lose the definition achieved. Generally, loss of muscle mass can be seen in just 15 days without training.

This is achieved through specific changes in diet and exercise over a period of 12–26 weeks (1Trusted Source)

The first results of the gym can be noticed with at least 3 months of regular practice of bodybuilding exercises and, with 6 months of exercise, it is already possible to notice a good difference in muscle growth and definition. However, cardiac conditioning can be noticed as early as the first month.