Beginner’s Workout Myth and Facts you need to know before Joining the gym

Exercise is defined as engaging in physical activity for the purpose of working your body to stay healthy. An example of an exercise is going to the gym and lifting weights. If you are planning to go to the gym, you need to know these beginner’s workout myths and facts that make you a good trainee.

In this article, I will explain here the most important workout myths & facts & give you suggestions that will be very helpful for you to achieve an optimum goal. My Suggestions are based on personal experience and academic knowledge.

Beginner’s First Workout Myths and Facts Arises About Gym Time:

First Fitness & Workout Myths and Facts, Morning or Evening?

The most asked question is whether to do a workout in the morning or evening? There is no specific evidence that it is good to do the workout in the morning or in the evening. Therefore, let me tell you that the best time to do a workout is when you have time to work out and your body energy is feeling high.

If you want to make the best time to work out, then select the time in which you can do regular workouts. And make your habit. First of all, you should check your lifestyle and find out at which time you can go to the gym daily without any disturbance and able to exercise for 1 hour.

Second Workout Myths and Facts, How Many Days Should I Workout In A Week?

How many days a week you should exercise and how many days you should rest depends on your goal. Continuous exercise for 7 days or exercising continuously for 3 days in a week is an unhealthy schedule.

Here, if a man can hardly go to the gym for 3 days in a week, then he should make his schedule on alternative days. And if you have time to go the gym 7 days, then you have to make your schedule split. In such a schedule you can keep your body at rest and also achieve your goal without trouble.

How Much Time Should I Workout In A Day?

IN the beginning usually people’s mind arise number of questions, like how much time should i workout a day, Is 1 or 2 hours workout is enough a day?, Can i workout twice a day?, which time is better for gym? and can i workout everyday. there are a lot of confusion into the mind.

Let me be clear all doubts and confusions, There is no limited time to do workout or exercise. it always depends on a person, goal, exercise type, exercise intensity, experience, and many other factors.

Any exercise can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or even longer. Here you have to understand your body that you are not over-training. If you are over-training, your body will not recover, which was the muscle fiber tear at the time of the workout.

And even if you are doing the least workout, you will not see results. It takes at least 1 hour to do a proper workout.

It takes 10 minutes of warm-up, 30 minutes of weight training, 10 minutes of aerobic cardio, and 10 minutes of cool-down stretching. 1 hour is very important for a beginner for an effective workout.

Most Common Workout Myths, That Comes to Mind

I am fit from everywhere, I just want to build my biceps.
● I don’t need muscles, I just want to reduce my belly fat.
● I will not do weight training, if I do weight training I would be like a man.
● I just want to lose weight.
● I will not use protein and supplements. If I take it, my internal organs would damage.

Below I have given the answer to all workout myths.

I am fit from everywhere, I just want to build my biceps.

1- The biggest workout myths come in the mind of the beginner, that he can get only the body of his choice such that the size of his arms is enlarged or the size of the chest becomes bigger or the legs become like bodybuilder.

But this is a useless question. You have to remember that our body cannot grow any particular muscles. The body works in unity. If you want to increase the size of your biceps, then you will also have to exercise of shoulder and triceps too.

I don’t need muscles, I just want to reduce my belly fat.

2- The second workout myths & facts that arise in the mind of a trainee. “I just want to reduce my belly fat, I don’t want anything.” If you are joining a gym to burn fat, it does not mean that you will do only cardio and abs. You will also have to do weight training.

Because unless you do weight training then your lean muscles will not develop. And until the lean muscles do not develop, your metabolism will not be fast, so weight lifting is important.

If you do fat loss without weight training, then your body cannot remain the same for a long time. You will gain weight again and there will be no benefit of the training which was done in past.

I will not do weight training, if I do weight training I would be like a man.

3- Workout myths that remain in the mind of women is, by lifting weight they will look like males. But this is just a myth which scares the female. I have explained you above about weight training. Apart from this, another fact is that the hormones of female and male are different.

The main hormone in male is testosterone and the female has estrogen. Although female has testosterone but very little compared to male. The female has 000.01% testosterone which has no value. weight training is as important for female as for male. Weight training causes tone in the body and cellulitis are eliminated.

I just want to loss my weight.

4- Before joining the gym, you have to make sure that why you are joining the gym . If your weight has increased more than necessary, then you have to reduce it. Increasing body weight is not harm, it just depends on your body. You have to check that weight is increased by fat or by muscle. To know this you have to do BMR.

If your weight is increased by fat then it can be unhealthy for you. You have to burn unnecessary fat from your body, not weight loss. Weight loss is the wrong concept. If you do weight loss, during that time you make a lot of mistakes like skipping food, skipping weight training, and also losing your muscle. This is the worst concept. A good concept is losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass.

I will not use protein and supplements. If I take it, my internal organs would damage.

5- protein right after workout myths: Beginners don’t require supplements at the beginning. The beginner can complete the body’s requirements with a natural diet. If the beginner is not able to take a complete diet with a natural source, then he needs supplements. Supplements have no side effects. Supplements are taken only when you do not have time to take your diet.

In that form of protein right after the workout myths, you can take artificial supplements without any fear and fulfill the body’s requirements. Before taking any supplements, know about it and avoid taking fake supplements. The fake supplements not only get your money lost, but your body is also damaged. Steroids are not a part of supplements.

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