Multiple Common Mistakes Made Beginners While Weight Loss

The moment you want to weight loss, you know that eating healthy and exercising more is necessary. You are full of energy and discipline, but it is always more difficult than the idea you started.

That stomach just gets in the way and the pounds don’t fly at lightning speed. Keeping up with your new lifestyle demands a lot from you. How can you maintain it and prevent the most common mistakes while losing weight? Mostly Beginners made mistakes while weight loss.

The most common mistakes during weight loss

Multiple Common Mistakes Made Beginners While Weight Loss

The first mistake many people make while losing weight is counting calories. Most people see weight loss as a punishment which means they can eat fewer calories. It even goes so far that most people write down what they eat and how many calories it contains.

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In a strict food diary, you monitor what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and breakfast. Snacks are not allowed, so write them down as little as possible.

The problem with this type of food diary is that it does not really work to lose weight. It only makes you aware and maybe even stresses about what you eat in a day.

Eat Fewer Calories Trying to Lose Weight

The major problem with reducing calories trying to weight loss is that it is impossible to get below 1200 calories in the long term. Like stopping your breath, reducing your calories cannot be sustained.

Losing weight is also not realistic because it is necessary to avoid the right calories from your food. You need the right nutritional balance before you can successfully lose weight.

Fat-Free Food While Loss Weight

We get to see the same message again and again in different advertisements. Fat is unhealthy and therefore we have to eat low-fat foods while losing weight. The fat dissolves veins and increases the risk of heart disease.

Fat Free Food While Loss Weight

The unhealthy fat you eat is instantly converted into body fat. This argument is incorrect. The above story seems very logical but it is not.

This may sound silly but it is probably the most important nutrient when losing weight. Fat can contain 9 calories per gram but it is better for your body than sugar.

Fat does not disturb your hunger system. Eating fat will make your body become fuller faster and you will eat less. In addition, low-fat foods are tasteless.

Food manufacturers add sugar to give it more flavour. Sugar is a real fat that prompts you to eat more. Low fat or fat-free diet does not help your weight loss.

Cardio & Running

In every magazine about health and weight loss, there are many articles about the many benefits of running. Running is healthy and will help you fight disease and help get a lighter body.

that is very true. By exercising you speed up the heartbeat, it is healthy because it strengthens your heart and blood vessels. However, when losing weight, running is not recommended for the following reasons.

By doing the same movement every day you increase the risk of injury to your joints. Especially if you have to carry heavyweight, it is very bad for your joints.

Exercise makes your body produce a stress hormone, cortisol. If you exercise for a long time, your body will produce a high level of cortisol. This high cortisol reduces your fat burning.

Running for a long time greatly reduces your blood sugar level as well as weight loss. After exercise, it is so low that it is necessary to supplement it quickly. The fastest way to supplement this is to take a drink containing sugar or eat something sweet.

This is why you always feel like eating sweet things after exercise. Exercising is healthy for your body but the best sports are short intense sports of about half an hour.

Carbohydrate-rich food

The products you should avoid when your weight loss is carbohydrate-rich products. It is not the only food that makes us overweight but we eat too many carbohydrates in a day. Carbohydrates are found in bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, noodles, rusks, crackers, and crackers.

These carbohydrates are processed into sugars in your body, these sugars increase your blood sugar levels considerably. Your body produces the hormone insulin through these sugars. This hormone processes sugar from your blood. This process causes a sugaring accident. After your body has processed it, you again feel hungry and the cycle starts again.

If your body makes this cycle often, then your body cannot make it anymore. This will ensure that your insulin becomes resistant. This insulin resistance is the cause of type 2 diabetes and its prevalence. So avoid carbohydrates as much as possible.

Start at the right time

When we start something we always want to do well. We are waiting for the right moment. If this moment comes, you know for sure that you are going to do it right. The problem with these types of intentions is that there is no right moment. This is never true.

It can sometimes take weeks, months or even years before you take this step. It is okay to enjoy it once at a birthday party. These are no reasons for not starting a healthy lifestyle today. Just start today and find out how far you are.

Start Weight Loss Today

If you wait for the right moment, you will never take action against weight loss. If you start now, you will have the enthusiasm to see that you are going more than you initially thought. Do not wait for the right inspiration, be confident that if you start today, you will develop this motivation automatically.

Successful weight loss is choosing a good program, developing a healthy lifestyle, and continuing it until food becomes normal in this way. Always choose a program or method that you trust and just go for it. Start today and make no mistake while losing weight and ensure a slim, fit, and healthy body.


Whether you are aiming to weight lose a significant amount of weight or just tone it down a bit, there are many common nutrition and exercise mistakes that can prevent you from reaching your goals.


Learn here why you are not losing weight and how to avoid falling prey to these fat loss traps.

  1. Protein deficiency
  2. Too many calorie snacks
  3. Choosing Low Fat or Diet Foods
  4. Lack of sleep & Rest
  5. Unrealistic Expectations
  6. No Weight Training
  7. Under and Over Training
  8. Doing the Same Workout Routine
  9. Inconsistent Workouts
  1. Protein deficiency
    The first of the reasons for not losing weight may be that you are not getting enough protein. For weight lifting women and to reduce body fat, I recommend 0.7 grams to 1 gram of protein for lean muscle weight.

To calculate your lean body mass, you must know at least your total body weight and body fat percentage.
Reduce your body fat percentage by 100 to get your lean mass percentage. …
To calculate the decimal for your lean mass percentage, divide your lean mass percentage by 100.
Multiply your lean mass by your total body weight to calculate your lean mass weight.

It is common knowledge that most women have difficulty achieving this level of protein intake, and this may be an important reason that you are not losing fat.

  1. Too many calorie snacks
    Another mistake to lose weight is eating meal-sized snacks. We often believe that most women eat very little or often do not eat enough, and I advocate eating 5-6 times per day.

But your snack should be smaller than your main meal to lose weight.

  1. Choosing Low Fat or Diet Foods
    Another reason for dietary mistakes is many women are opting for low-fat or diet foods in supermarkets.

They are highly processed and often make for ‘low fat’ by increasing sugars or carbs.

If you are doing this, this may be why you are not losing weight.

  1. Lack of sleep & Rest
    Many women are so busy that they do not get enough sleep.

This is one of the top start weight loss mistakes, but it is an important one. The body needs sleep for workout recovery and to digest properly.

Avoid this common fat loss mistake and make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

  1. Unrealistic Expectations
    If you are trying to lose weight then this is not unrealistic expectations. It takes time to lose weight if you are doing it in a healthy and permanent way.
Unrealistic Expectations

If you are not losing weight, do a twist and decide a few weeks in advance that you are not seeing results.

You should aim to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week. Way more than that, and you’re probably losing muscle that you don’t want.

Your body also needs time to adapt to the changes in weight loss and if you lose weight quickly your body will feel that you are in danger and implement safety mechanisms to ensure that you are no more Losing.

  1. No Weight training
    This is one of the biggest workout mistakes that women usually make.

They feel that cardio is a way to lose weight, but strength training helps build your muscles which gives you a toned/athletic appearance (not to look snug and flamboyant when you just do low-intensity cardio). And in turn, more muscle burns calories even when you are resting

Just doing cardio is hurting your progress. As I just mentioned, strength training is even better for weight loss because its effects burn calories not only during workouts but up to 12 hours later. If you’re not losing fat, it’s time to start strength training.

  1. Under and Over Training

It is important to make sure that you are exercising enough to see a change, but not so much that you are not attaining the need to actually repair and recover your body.

  1. Doing the same workout routine
    After a while, your body becomes acclimated to the exercises you are doing and you will hit a plateau.
    To keep track of your weight loss and physique changes, it is important that you follow a progressive exercise plan that increases exercise difficulty on a week-to-week basis, and the exercises themselves are varied.
  1. Inconsistent Workouts
    If you don’t have a plan for each practice session and are just ‘winging’ it, the prospect is not going to move quickly. The same can be said for missing workouts. To see the changes, you need to stick to your plan.


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