Sahil Khan Workout Routine And Diet Plan

In this article, you will find Sahil Khan Workout Routine and Diet Plan, He was born fifth of November 1976, to a Chinese mother and a Muslim dad in Kolkata who is a Bollywood Actor and a Fitness Entrepreneur. He is famously known as India’s Official Esthetic King in the fitness industry, winning honors by a few esteemed bodies in Mumbai. Sahil, who has likely probably the best physical make-up in the entertainment world, is setting exclusive requirements in addressing the Indian Sports and Wellness Industry across the globe.

Sahil Khan Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Twenty years prior he showed up in Mumbai with a fantasy to address India as an expert jock and began preparing, with sheer commitment and difficult work; he came to and set the norm of Body Building at the top generally level.

Sahil Khan Bollywood Career

Sahil Khan strated his career in bollywood industry in 2001, he played a lead role in the movie STYLE diredcted by N Chandra. He has worked in most expensive movie ALADIN, along with this he also worked with WWE Superstar, The Great Khali in the movie “Ramaa the Saviour”. He is blessed with a huge fan following in India as well as abroad by his social media platform.

India’s First Beach Gym

In February 2016, Sahil khan opened India’s First & Only open-air beach gym named, “Muscle ‘n’ Beach Gym” at Baga Beach, Goa and created history.

India's First Beach Gym

It is a novel idea where he and his group have made a Fitness Revolution by utilizing Goa sea shore as a re-invigorating setting. The exercise center expects to urge more individuals to get dynamic while making the most of their days off. It is an incredible fascination for occupants just as travelers.

Disciplined Life with Compulsory Rest

Sahil khan is always ready and crazy for travel & workout addict, diet consious and fitness freak. It is his commitment to revolutionize health, fitness and wellness especially in India. His passion to maintain his own aesthetic body with his consistent dedication, hard work and never give-up attitude, he is an inspiration to millions of people and have a big fan following in India as well abroad.

Sahil Khan’s Brands

Currently Sahil khan is a brand ambassador of as below.

  • Aqua Hunk Water
  • The Brand Deodorant
  • Divin Nutrition (U.S. FDA Reg. Supplement Brand)
  • My Fitness Peanut Butter
  • Buyceps (supplement)
  • Hunk City (real state) and
  • Delhi Capitals (sports team of IPL)

Award as India’s Fitness ICON

Award as India’s Fitness ICON sahil khan

Sahil Khan was felicitated with the 21st (Rajiv Gandhi Foundation) Global Excellence Award as India’s Fitness ICON in an event held in Delhi this month.
Speaking on this occasion Sahil Khan said “I am pleased, Honoured and humbled to receive an award from 21st (Rajiv Gandhi Foundation) Global Excellence Award as India’s Fitness ICON. I have earned this today after being joked about and laughed upon 25 years ago while training at the gym, but I am glad to see how far bodybuilding and fitness industry has come along. Thanks to every single person here who supports my initiative. I love you more”.

Sahil Khan Workout Routine Plan

Day 1: Monday- Chest and Abs

Workout NameSetsReps
Hanging Leg Raises430
Machine Crunches430
Sit Ups430
Incline Dumbbell Press410-15
Flat Bench Press410-15
Decline Machine Press410-15
Cable Cross Over410-15
Parallel Bar Dips410-15

Day 2: Tuesday- Legs And Calves

Workout NameSetsReps
Weighted Squats58-10
Leg Extensions410-15
Leg Curl410-15
Weighted Lunges410-15
Leg Press510-15
Standing Calf Raises420-30
Seated Calf Raises425-30
Tibia Raises420-30

Day 3: Wednesday- Back and Side Obliques

Workout NameSetsReps
Lats Pull Down48-10
Seated Cable Rowing 410-15
Bent Over Row410-15
Close Grip Lats Pull Down410-15
Hyper Extension 410-15
Wood Chopper420-30
Russian Twist425-30
Bicycle Crunches 420-30

Day 4: Thursday- Shoulders and Cardio

Workout NameSetsReps
Military Press 410-15
Shoulders Press Dumbbell 410-15
Lateral Raise Dumbbell410-15
Up-right Row 410-15
Rear Delt Fly410-15
Face Pull410-15
Treadmill / incline master / Cross Trainer 115 minutes
Stairs Master115 minutes

Day 5: Friday- Legs and Glutes

Workout NameSetsReps
Sumo Squats 410-15
Hack Squats Reverse410-15
Stiff Deadlift410-15
Walking Lunges 410-15
Hips Thrust410-15
Bird Dog410-15
Fire Hydrants410-15
Sumo Deadlift58-10

Day 6: Saturday- Biceps And Triceps

Workout NameSetsReps
Barbell Curl410-15
Hammer Dumbbell Curl410-15
EZ Barbell Curl410-15
Preacher Curl410-15
Pully Push-down410-15
Skull Crusher410-15
Both Arm dumbbell Extension410-15
Triceps Cable Kick Back410-15

Day 6: Sunday- OFF

Updated: Sahil Khan Diet Plan

Sahil Khan’s Breakfast Meal

Sahil Khan Diet Plan
  • Four egg whites and two whole egg omelet
  • Juice
  • Oatmeal with fruits and a scoop of protein powder
  • Toast

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Sahil Khan’s Pre-workout meal

  • Pre-workout shake
  • Dry fruits

Sahil khan’s Post-workout meal

  • Protein shake
  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Veggies

Sahil khan’s Lunch meal

Sahil khan Lunch meal
  • Salmon
  • Rice
  • Veggies

Sahil Khan’s Evening meal

Sahil Khan Diet Plan Evening meal
  • Protein smoothie
  • Dry fruits

Sahil khan’s Dinner Meal

Sahil khan Dinner Meal
  • Chicken or turkey
  • Rice
  • Veggies

This is all about Sahil Khan Diet Plan. Moving on to what does he supplement his food with to achieve the best health.

Sahil Khan Supplements

Sahil khan isn’t actually tremendous on taking enhancements and the main thing he considers is taking an immense glass of protein shake just after the has worked out. This is something he once in a while misses. He clarifies exactly the same thing saying, “I generally have a protein shake as it’s essential to renew glycogen subsequent to preparing. I believe it’s all similar to what exactly tastes great since protein will be protein and I just have shakes after I work out.”

He additionally has a granola bar with protein and things like that on the off chance that he is occupied or needs to surge some place which will recharge his body. He clarifies, “In the event that I’m in a hurry, I’ll have a Muscle Milk and Nature Valley’s Granola Bar. They have great grains and oats and stuff that way. It’s as great a feast as you can get when you’re out and about in light of the fact that couple of protein bars are beneficial for you.”

For Sahil Khan, the expression ‘buckle down, play hard, is something he lives by. He nearly thinks of it as his mantra thus he manages job very hard on himself. He is consistently in his most ideal shape and to keep up that throughout the entire year is certifiably not a little assignment. Indeed, Sahil Khan gave a Henry Rollins quote which he said would sum up his intentions and purposes of working out so hard. And that was quite impressive to hear. He said,

It is so astonishing how Sahil Khan is constantly inspired to improve himself and enhance his constitution. Along these lines that is the reason individuals stay aware of this unbelievable coach and helper. Subsequently, the following time you consider avoiding the gym, think about this tremendous person doing a deadlift, or the following time you would need to enjoy a Krispy Kreme doughnut, read this Sahil Khan for more inspiration.

The regard for Sahil Khan comes not from his garish vehicles, his rich way of life, or 100 chicks who are passing on to have a brief look at him. Maybe, he is somebody who isn’t stuck in a futile daily existence that includes following another person’s strides. He has made a life for himself by trying sincerely and remaining diligent. He truly doe put stock in making every second count and it is actually the thing he is doing as well. He is keeping up what he looks like while likewise carrying on with the most ideal life simultaneously.

Be that as it may, there have been gossipy tidbits about Sahil Khan utilizing a few sorts of steroids and testosterone shots to make him look more polished. In any case, it has not yet been affirmed by the wellness aficionado himself thus nothing can be said on that theme by the same token.