Sahil Khan Beach Gym

Sahil Khan Beach Gym: Unique open-air MUSCLE N BEACH GYM on Baga Beach with fitness equipment, classes, a café & tanning beds the purest American style that has already arrived in Goa India.

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Surely all of us have seen in movies or series the well-known beach gyms where there are a lot of people training in swimsuits.

This beach gym concept finally arrives in India in the form of Sahil Khan First Beach Gym, nobody was operating on the beach gym before Sahil Khan, in Goa India, We have spoken with them, the creator of MUSCLE N BEACH GYM, to tell us all about this new training concept.

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Muscles N Beach gym Las Olas


One of the first Sahil Khan beach gym is a passion project that combines a love of fitness and nature. Allowing you to experience the beauty of the beach and the jungle while exercising.

All of our equipment is designed highly quality and biomechanically design that using in the gym and also available sand begs, TRX, tire, battle rope, kettle bell and monkey bar.

sahil khan beach gym

What Sahil Khan Beach Gym Offers:

Sahil Khan and Dennis Shivani opened India’s first open-air beach gym open on 12th Feb 2016 at Baga, North Goa and the Sahil Khan Gym’s name is MUSCLE N BEACH GYM. It’s located within walking distance from the sea and offers weight training, yoga, martial arts, free weight training, Zumba classes, spa, and personal training amenities. What makes it stand out from the others is the fact that it is in Goa, and there’s really a no better way to work out than being surrounded by the sun, sand, and sea.

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What Sahil Khan Beach Gym Doesn’t Offer:

India’s first Sahil Khan beach gym Muscles N Beach on Baga Beach Goa India. The gym atmosphere is very well with pure natural sea air surrounded with Seashore.

Sahil Khan Beach Gym

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This gym is not open under the sky with wooden equipment. Such as stone dumbbells, Wooden and bamboo squat racks, Olympic plates in wood and stone, and Wooden Olympic bars. you can find from kettlebells to Olympic bars with discs, through bars to do chin-ups, TRX, and even a rack to do squats. Climbing rope, sandbags, dumbbells everything you need to carry out functional training on the seashore.

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World Best Beach Gym:

A good way to keep fit in the summer months Without a doubt, you can find a complete beach gym with wooden and stone equipment that we hope will reach at Muscle Beach Gym (Venice), Tulum Jungle Gym (Tulum, Mexico), Gordon Beach Gym (Tel Aviv, Israel), and Kachalka Outdoor Gym at Hydropark (Kiev, Ukraine).

Tulum Jungle Gym, Tulum Mexico

Tulum Jungle Gym, Tulum Mexico

Kachalka Outdoor Gym at Hydropark, KIev, Ukraine

Kachalka Outdoor Gym at Hydropark

Gordon Beach Gym, Tel Aviv, Israel

4. Gordon Beach Gym