5 Dance Routine to Burn Fat and Tone the Body

Dancing is a great cardio exercise and to burn that fat quickly, Shakira and Beyonce have great bodies for nothing. So your thing is to move your hips, check out these dance routines to tone your body and take the best dance steps.

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5 Dance Routine to Burn Fat

Dance routine to burn fat is easier if it is done in a fun way, to achieve this you can do some dance routine:

The dance is the remedy for those looking to burn fat & get fit and are not lovers gyms or heavy exercise routine, if your goal is to burn fat and tone the body then move your hips will help you achieve it . 

 dance routines to burn fat

Although many people have refused to join Zumba Dance

groups at the gym , moving to the rhythm of music has great benefits and can help you not only improve your dance fluency, but also burn fat faster and more fun. 

During the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have noticed an increase in their weight, this because the gyms closed their doors for a while and the comfort of home led them to put aside the exercise and change it for the series in Netflix. 

But there are no more excuses for those who have indicated that they cannot go to the gym or that they do not feel motivated to follow the exercise routine at home, because with these simple dance routines for burn fat  you can get in shape and tone your body. 

Dance Routine to Burn Fat Exercise 

It is not necessary to pay for online dance classes, because on social networks such as TikTok and YouTube you can find complete videos that will allow you to perform a dance routines to lose weight that can go from the most complicated to the simplest. 

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You can start with some cardio sessions and dancing is ideal for it, on YouTube there is an account that shares some sessions with a duration of 30 minutes and the movements are simple for those who are not experts in moving the hips. 

1- Popsugar Fitness Dance to Lose Belly Fat

This youtube page has many classes of dance to lose belly fat where you will do a lot of cardio. They are sessions of 30 minutes or so so you can start with that and then add some strength routine to complement it. There are from Zumba or Latin music.

2- Pamela Reif

Although on this YouTube channel you will find a full-body dance routine to burn fat with weights and abs, it has a 15-minute exercise routine, including dance routines. There are options to learn to dance sexy, it is just a matter of looking well in your videos.

3- Ritmozun Fitness

If Latin rhythms are your thing, on this YouTube channel you will find many dance routines for burning fat with different levels: easy, intermediate, and advanced. With these dance routines, you will be sure to do a lot of cardio and burn fat in a two-for-three.

4- Ballet Fit Spain

This YouTube channel will put you to use seriously and to tone the body because its main objective is that through different exercises of the ballet taken to the most fitness, you can start dancing exercise to your whole body.

5- Zumba Dance for Weight Loss

So that you lose kilos quickly, this Zumba dance for weight loss very quickly and make you fit because nothing better than a good dose of Zumba to move everything. This channel has some very intense sessions and others that specifically Zumba dance for weight loss.

If you want to improve your elasticity while toning your body then ballet classes may be the best method, you do not need to be an expert on the subject since some of the routines that you can find on YouTube will inspire you to start.