How Many Protein Shakes Per day to Build Muscle

When it comes to protein shakes, one of the first questions that arises is how many protein shakes per day to build muscle.

Those looking to lose weight fast are sometimes tempted to have multiple protein shakes per day. However, this is not recommended.

In this article you will learn more about how many protein shakes can be drunk per day according to each person’s goal.

protein shakes per day to build muscle

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Protein shakes or protein shakes are creamy drinks made from protein powder.

Most of the protein powders on the market today contain whey protein as the main ingredient. Whey is a by-product of the dairy industry, the liquid that remains after the milk used to make cheese that has been curdled.

Protein shakes have become popular over the past decades because they contain amino acids that promote the repair of damaged muscle tissue and this stimulates the development of muscle fibers.

However, its excess is not recommended. Those who want to achieve an ideal weight as quickly as possible tend to drink one or more protein shakes per day.

According to studies, drinking protein shakes in large quantities will not bring additional benefits in increasing muscle mass and compromises the work of the kidney. (2,3,4)

How many protein shakes should you drink a day1

How many protein shakes should you drink a day?

The amount of protein shakes you can safely drink per day depends mainly on how much exercise you do, what your goal is, and how much you weigh. To see it in a practical way, you can follow the recommendations in the following table of how many protein shakes to take per day (1):

Physical activityGrams of protein per Kg of body weightRecommended protein shakes
Little or nothing0.5 – 1.01
Light exercise (cycling, running, swimming 3 times a week)1.0 -1.51-2
Moderate exercise (gym 4 times a week)1.5 – 2.0two
High (intensive 5 times a week)2.0 – 2.53

Remember that at all times we are talking about the amount of total protein you need per day. If you already include a sufficient amount of protein-rich foods in your diet , shakes are not necessary.

Based on that you can calculate how much protein powder you can safely consume per day.

Also, it is recommended that you spread your intake of protein shakes throughout the day. Drinking them all together will not facilitate their full absorption. This is what is known as protein timing.

protein shakes to choose

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What protein shakes to choose to drink during the day?

Before buying a protein shake you should make sure that:

1. Read the ingredient list

A cheap isolate may have suspect additives, flavorings, sugar substitutes, and poor quality thickeners in its composition. Saving on the purchase can mean fewer benefits, especially if you drink more than 2 protein shakes per day.

2. Check the content of both protein and carbohydrates and fats

Some protein shakes can vary substantially in carbohydrate, protein, and fat content . The most expensive shakes are usually higher in protein and the cheapest in carbohydrates or fat. If you drink 2 protein shakes per day make sure it is sugar free.

3. Hydrolyzed or laboratory isolates

Hydrolyzed laboratory isolates tend to have better control in their production. This is important to avoid side effects and contraindications of the possible impurities of cheaper protein shakes.

4. Higher price is not always equal to quality

Some brands can be more expensive, with glossy packaging, and promise magical results. Remember that most types of protein are made from milk; it is important that it has been purified and produced under strict controls. Don’t be fooled between marketing and quality.


Protein shakes are one of the best supplements to increase muscle mass . There is no general rule of thumb for determining how many protein shakes to drink per day. The figure depends on physical activity, weight and how the rest of the foods are complemented in the diet.

For example, a 70 kg person who leads a healthy lifestyle and high physical activity can drink 2 protein shakes per day. Taking more than 3 protein shakes per day is not recommended in almost any case.


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