15 Weeks Postpartum Workout Program Free

Ready to get your long-awaited body back after giving birth? Sahil Fitness is here to help. Check out his 15 weeks postpartum workout program and find out how you can get in the best shape in your life!

This postpartum program is unique with its detailed 15 weeks postpartum workout program and shorter induction program designed for mothers who have received a green light from a doctor but are not yet ready for more intense exercise.

When you bring new life to the world and expand your family, it can turn your world upside down and force you to reorient yourself, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. A child brings a ton of new responsibilities, but when you’re ready to take time for yourself, your health and fitness, I want to help you.

I’m Sahil. I am a fitness instructor, author and trainer. Hundreds of moms approached me with this questions. My 15 weeks postpartum workout program is a plan that worked for me, and I hope it provides answers and solutions to your questions as well.

Whether your baby was six weeks old, six months old, or even six years old, I have a plan for you to wear your “prebaby” jeans and show the world that you are back. Remember, it took you nine months to build this new life, and this plan is the centerpiece of your nine month postpartum recovery.

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You can start the early stages of my fitness plan as soon as you get the green light to workout from your doctor. Then, when you are ready, the program will intensify. You will be able to work with the program every day, starting from the state where you are now.

First Day

Let’s be realistic. Despite your best intentions to get back in shape, your child, your body and, of course, your doctor, will actively recall you. So as you adjust to your new life, keep your focus where it really matters: you and your baby.

Postpartum Workout program

During the first few weeks after pregnancy, your main goal is daily walks. Walking is important for blood circulation to prevent blood clots in the lower extremities and to help improve bladder and bowel function. Walking will also have a good effect on your mental well-being. So go ahead with the baby to the street.

Try to walk with your child for at least 20 minutes a day. But do not get hung up on time, if you need to rest or return home in a few minutes, do what your body requires. If you feel good enough to walk for more than 20 minutes, great, but don’t push yourself.

Listen to your body and rest when it tells you to rest. When you jump into my post-pregnancy fitness program, you will soon feel the intensity and pace.

“Green light”

Most doctors will give mothers the green light to practice for 4-6 weeks after a natural birth and 6-8 weeks after a cesarean, although this may vary from case to case. This is why it’s important to talk to your doctor and make sure you’re okay so you can start working harder than just your daily walks.

Personally, I recommend not starting a full fitness program with strength training and cardio while your child is awake at night. This can take up to three months or more. Why is this so important? For you to truly benefit from physical exercise, you need to get more than just a few minutes of rest. You need a real recovery, which means good, healthy sleep! In addition, by this time most breastfeeding mothers will have developed their own feeding schedule, which will greatly help in planning your workouts.

What to do until then?

Fortunately, you are capable of doing a lot up to that three-month mark – or wherever it falls for you. After your doctor’s approval, you can start doing simple exercises focusing on the abdominal area and back, in addition to your regular routine. Both of these muscle groups will be significantly weakened after everything you’ve been through, but they will also be actively involved in your daily life as you lift and move a lot with your child.

Postpartum Workout Plan Diastasis Recti

Be sure to check for diastasis (divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles) before engaging in abdominal exercises. If you do have diastasis, ask your doctor about the available therapeutic options before starting work.

We’ve also created a complete plan for the period after you have received permission to start exercising and you are ready to begin the full exercise program. For now, you will be doing short core and back workouts 3-4 times a week along with your regular walking. Do these prep workouts until your doctor allows you to increase your physical activity. Then begin the 1st week of the actual post-pregnancy program.

Postpartum Workout Week 1

  • Monday: Walk
  • Tuesday: Circuit Press Workout
  • Wednesday: Walk
  • Thursday: Circuit Press Workout
  • Friday: Walk
  • Saturday: Circuit Press Workout
  • Sunday: Walk

Postpartum Workout Week 2

  • Monday: Circuit Press Workout
  • Tuesday: Walk
  • Wednesday: Walk / Circuit Press Workout
  • Thursday: Walk
  • Friday: Walk / Circuit Press Workout
  • Saturday: Walk
  • Sunday: Circuit Press Workout

Postpartum Workout Week 3

  • Monday: Walk / Circuit Press Workout
  • Tuesday: Walk
  • Wednesday: Walk / Circuit Press Workout
  • Thursday: Walk
  • Friday: Walk / Circuit Press Workout
  • Saturday: Walk
  • Sunday: Circuit Press Workout

What is important: start training next week if you were able to train this week. Follow your own pace. I want you to feel yourself getting stronger and making progress.

Postpartum Workout Plan for Beginners

Slowly start introducing this program into your daily life. We also recommend sharing it with your doctor, as each woman’s recovery is as unique as her pregnancy and childbirth.

Before starting any exercise, be sure to read the Nutritional Overview for all the details on how to properly work this program and get back to your desired body.

During the preparatory weeks for this program, you will work on your abs and back, and you will increase the intensity of your daily walks. Once you feel comfortable with the proposed circuit workouts, and if you and your doctor feel you are ready, then it’s time to take that step and begin the very postpartum recovery program that Jamie Eason created specifically for moms.

Are you Ready for This?

If you are feeling good and getting stronger, you are probably ready for the next phase of your workout.

Of course, being prepared is about more than being physically fit. You are probably still adjusting your life with your child’s life and regimen, and it may be difficult for you to find time, both for yourself and for training. Don’t be alarmed if you skip training days, especially in the first phase of the program.

If this happens, just start where you left off and continue forward. Remember, this is a whole journey, not a day trip. The important part is not to give up. This postpartum workout program is designed to work with your busy schedule. Morning, noon, or night, do when you can.

What is Circuit Training?

A circuit training is a type of workout where you do several exercises in one circle. Your goal is to complete each exercise with little or no rest in between, like doing one big giant set. Then you rest and perform either another circle, if it is provided for by training.

What is Circuit Training

Circuit training is ideal for new moms because you work a lot of muscle in a short amount of time and can be used to achieve specific goals. In the months ahead, you will be doing circuit workouts that build strength, add muscle mass, increase endurance, and strengthen your core muscles. Workouts like Anywhere Anytime, a 15-minute workout that you find in the program, are ideal when you have very little time and want to raise your heart rate and burn some calories.

Another great piece of news about circuit training. You can perform them with weights such as dumbbells or fitball, or simply using your own body weight. So, even if you don’t have access to a gym right now, you can still complete your planned workout in less than half an hour a day. You can easily fit the workout into your free time, for example, when the baby is sleeping.

During the first month of this program, you will only use your weight. With the right combination of exercises, this will give you everything you need. But if you feel like you want to increase the intensity, feel free to add fitball to some of the exercises.

Phase 1: Week 4-7

For the next eight weeks, you will train six days a week with one well-deserved rest day every Sunday. For the first four weeks after the 3 weeks of prep workout that make up Phase 1 of the program, you will alternate two full-body circuit workouts with two circuit workouts aimed at strengthening your abdominal and back muscles. In this combination, you can easily go back if you miss a day.

  • Week 4 and Week 6
  • Monday: Brisk Walking 45 minutes
  • Tuesday: Circuit training for abs
  • Wednesday: Anytime, anytime, 15-minute session
  • Thursday: Circuit training on the fitball
  • Friday: Brisk Walking 45 minutes
  • Saturday: Circuit training for all muscle groups
  • Sunday: Rest

Week 5 and Week 7

  • Monday: Anytime, 15-minute workout
  • Tuesday: Abs workout
  • Wednesday: Brist Walking 45 minutes
  • Thursday: Fitball circle workout
  • Friday: Anytime, 15-minute workout
  • Saturday: All-muscle group workout
  • Sunday : Recreation

Phase 2: Weeks 8 – 11

After four weeks of alternating these circuit workouts with mostly your own weight, you will be ready to step up your workouts and add some weight. In this four week phase, you will be doing routines and monitoring yourself to start building strength and muscle mass. It is during this period that you will truly begin to feel and see the benefits for which you worked. By this time, your child should have a better sleep schedule, and therefore you should too, because proper rest is so important to achieve goals.

As in the first phase, you will train six days a week. But this time, your week will be split into three strength training using a combination of weights and body weight and three cardio workouts. In addition, unlike the first phase, every week of the second phase will look the same:

  • Monday: Strength training for the lower body
  • Tuesday: Cardio
  • Wednesday: Strength training for the upper body
  • Thursday: Cardio
  • Friday: Strength training for all muscle groups
  • Saturday: Cardio
  • Sunday: Rest

For cardio workouts, you can do either the Baby Sleep Circuit Workout, the 15 minute workout from Phase 1, or, if you prefer, a 30 minute cardio workout of your choice. If you’re at home, consider a treadmill or skipping rope.

15 Weeks Postpartum Workout Program Free

Phase 3: Weeks 12-15

Phase 3, the last four weeks of the program, is where you really start focusing on rebuilding and gaining muscle that you may have lost. You will have 4 workouts every week.

  • Monday: Back and biceps
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Shoulders and abs
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Legs and calves
  • Saturday: Chest, triceps and abs
  • Sunday: Rest

Where is cardio, you ask? You can certainly do cardio if your schedule allows, but the focus is on building muscle and strength over the past four weeks. Remember that every muscle mass actually burns fat because muscle is a “metabolically active” tissue, meaning it burns calories even at rest.

Postpartum Workout at Home?

SAHIL FITNESS TEAM have trained a lot at home and after the birth of a child, sometimes you will not have any other choice. While it is difficult to hit the weights and work out muscles with the same variety as in the gym, with a little rig you can still have a great workout.

What equipment do we recommend investing in to maximize the effect of home workouts? So you just need your personal yoga mat. we provide fully equipped premium service, trainer bring all essential weight, dumbbells, resistance band, jump rope and ladder. That will be enough for your postpartum home personal training. check-out how we works.