5 Benefits of Carbonated Water for Health And Affect Human Body

Carbonated water or also called sparkling water is good for health, because in addition to hydrating the body, it contains the same micronutrients as natural water and its only difference is that CO2 (carbon dioxide) is added, which is a gas. inert that is eliminated from the body after ingestion.

Benefits of carbonated water
Benefits of carbonated water

This carbonic gas only provides particular characteristics to the water, which are the presence of bubbles and a more acidic taste. 

However, some brands add substances, flavors and extra artificial sweeteners, such as soda-type water, which end up reducing the healthy effect of this type of water, which is why it is recommended that it be observed on the label of the packaging.

 Simple sparkling water, without additives, is the one that contains all the benefits of hydration, often being of great help for those who cannot drink much natural water. see some Advantage and Disadvantage of Sparkling Carbonated Water

Benefits of carbonated water as below:

1. Carbonated Water Helps to Hydrate the Body

Sparkling water hydrates and contains the same nutrients as natural water. In addition to this, the fact that it contains carbon dioxide is not bad for health because the body eliminates this gas. 

2. Carbonated water is rich in nutrients

Sparkling or still mineral water is rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. As it also contains sodium, people with high blood pressure should be attentive to nutritional labeling, as some brands can add more of this substance, and brands that do should be avoided.

3. Carbonated water help lose weight

The gas present in carbonated water, when released into the stomach increases feelings of fullness and satiety, which can help you eat less and decrease the amount of calories in a meal. In addition to this, carbonated water has no calories, so it can be consumed freely.

4. It is Improve the palate

Sparkling water leaves the taste buds more sensitive to the taste of food, being able to accentuate its flavor, making it an excellent option before enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine, for example.

In addition to this, the CO2 present in the water stimulates the functioning of the stomach, increasing its secretion and emptying, improving the sensation of digestion.

5. Carbonated Water can Replace Soda

In addition to being taken in its natural version, sparkling water can be a healthy way to replace soda, through its aromatization. The use of lemon, orange, mint and ginger, for example, are excellent options to make the drink more flavorful and facilitate the consumption of water throughout the day.

Does carbonated water affect human health?

Due to the similarity in appearance and taste of soft drinks, there are many myths created regarding drinking sparkling water such as:

Does carbonated water affect human health
Does carbonated water affect health
  • It does not harm pregnancy and can be consumed normally during this period, however, during pregnancy there may be some symptoms such as a feeling of fullness and swelling, because the increase in the belly causes the stomach to press, making it more sensitive. 
  • It does not cause cellulite , since the increase in fat in the buttocks or legs is caused due to the consumption of beverages rich in sugar such as soft drinks and box juices.
  • It does not damage or corrode the teeth , since the amount of acid is not very high and it does not have more acidity than a soda or lemon juice. So to cause damage to the teeth, carbonated water would need to stay in contact with the teeth for many hours, which does not happen.
  • It does not decrease calcium in bones , and it does not interfere with the absorption of calcium from food. This can occur when drinking a soda in excess, mainly because with excessive consumption of this drink, other mineral sources are neglected. In addition to this, in soda, excess caffeine and the action of phosphoric acid can decrease bone mineral density.
  • It does not harm the kidneys , and the more you consume the better, as well as natural water, so that they work properly and the body stays hydrated.

The water requirement per day, with or without gas, is approximately 2 liters or 8 glasses, however, this may vary according to the weight of the person, whether or not they perform physical activity, if they sweat excessively and the presence of of some diseases such as kidney or heart failure.

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When should you not drink sparkling water?

Water brands that contain other added products such as artificial flavor, sweetener, sodium, and other preservatives should be avoided. 

In addition, carbonated water should not be the first choice for children, since although it is as good as still water, it is important to accustom the child’s palate to natural water, so that he likes it and does not stop drinking water on no occasion.

It is also important to take into account that those people who suffer from gas or dyspepsia, avoid drinking carbonated water as it generates gas and can increase the discomfort and discomfort caused by this symptom.