At Home or at the ‘Gym’! the Most Effective Exercise to Burn Fat

There are certain exercise to burn fat more efficiently than others which mustn’t be missing from our training routine. Take note!

Exercise to Burn Fat
Exercise to Burn Fat Fast

Cakes and sweets, video-call snacks, series marathon on the couch, home delivery dinner … The quarantine has been able to play a trick on our silhouette. The long days locked up reception and also the anxiety produced by the health crisis have meant that, additionally to not being particularly active, we’ve visited the fridge more frequently.

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it’s time to mention goodbye to the additional kilos that, additionally, have acquired the worst moment, just before the summer. Fortunately, we are able to achieve our greatest version with an infallible formula: diet and exercise. However, there are certain exercises that burn fat more efficiently than others which mustn’t be lacking in our training. additionally, although gyms have already opened their doors , we are able to perform these movements from home or outdoors .

leg exercises

Burpees Exercise to Burn Fat

It is a awfully complete exercise to burn fat and tone legs, arms, buttocks and core . initially it will be difficult to execute, but it’s a matter of patience and perseverance. We get on my feet, bring our hips back, bend our knees and place our hands on the bottom. We head to plank position with arms extended and execute a push-up. We finish with a jump and repeat the exercise.

At Home or at the 'Gym'! the Most Effective Exercise to Burn Fat 1


Squats are a awfully successful sort of exercise to burn fat fastf, calories and slenderize. Squats not only help tone the lower body, but also engage the muscles of the mid-body, abdomen, and lower back . to properly perform a squat, we stand with our feet shoulder-width apart.

We keep our arms before of our chest to higher maintain our balance and that we slowly lower our hips until our thighs are parallel to the bottom. Finally, we hold for some seconds during this position and push ourselves with our heels to return to the starting position, contracting the glutes at the tip of the movement. If we would like to feature intensity to the exercise, we are able to bonk with a barbell or dumbbells..


Push-ups at Home

Although push-ups primarily work the chest and triceps, trunk and leg muscles are involved, but push-ups is an exercise to burn and improve toning. We stand on the mat with our hands supported, a touch wider than our shoulders apart. We contract the abdomen and slowly lower the body until the chest practically touches the bottom, while keeping the elbows near the edges of the torso. We hold the posture for some seconds and lift the body to return to the starting position. If we are beginners, we must start within the world of push-ups by resting our knees on the mat to avoid injuries and learn the technique correctly.


Mountain climber’ or climbers

In addition to working different muscles intensely, with this exercise we are able to raise the center rate considerably and burn calories easily . Being a compound moments this exercise to burn fat, extra calories and get complete body shape.

We get into a plank position with arms outstretched. We contract the abdomen, lift one foot off the bottom and produce the knee towards the chest while trying to stay the body as straight as possible. We return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the opposite leg. If it’s easier for you, this same exercise will be finished small sliding discs that are placed under both feet.

Mountain Climber


Plank a compound exercise to burn fat from abdominal part and make your core stronger as before. Do a plank on your elbows. Face down, in a position parallel to the ground, support yourself on feet and elbows. Align your body (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles). From this position, support one hand after the other to go from a resting position on elbows to a supporting position on hands. If you find it too difficult on your feet, perform the exercise in its form of support on your knees.