Top 5 Flabby Thighs Exercise Without Hurting Your Knees

There are flabby thighs exercise that makes your legs strengthen without hurting knees. causes of flabby thighs is a very common skin problem that is accentuated with overweight, age and aging. Since the causes of flabby thighs are mainly the loss and decrease of collagen and elastin ; substances of the skin that provide support, elasticity and firmness to the whole body. There are some exercise for improve your legs.


For flabby thighs exercise squat with wall sit, lean your back against a wall and squat slowly, there is no rush. The most important thing is that you make sure that your knees never exceed your feet so as not to hurt yourself. Remember not to force your body, it will tell you how far, it starts from little, and you will be able to increase little by little.

Flabby Thighs Exercise

2 – LUNGES Without Hurting Knees

If you want to tone flabby muscle to forget flabby legs exercise then don’t focus so much on repetition. The lunges are normal, checking that your knee does not exceed your feet, they must be at the same height.

Now, instead of doing a lot of reps, try to stay on the lunge try to upper body slightly forward for about 10 seconds.

LUNGES Without Hurting Knees

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3 – Leg Extension for Flabby Thighs Exercise

Lying on your back with your toes towards the ceiling, use garters to raise your leg for a few seconds, maybe everything will shake, do it slowly.



Another great flabby thighs exercise is to get on the floor at four points: knees and hands on the floor. Next you are going to raise each leg towards the ceiling, do 20 repetitions on each side. You can do it with the knee rolled and then with the leg straight.

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5 – BRIDGE for Flabby Thighs Exercise

To see results you have to make friends with perseverance and do this daily. In the same way, remember that it is important to warm up and stretch to avoid injuries. Now, another great flabby thighs exercise & flabby stomach is the “bridge”; Lying on your back, bend your knees and bring your heels closer to your thighs and raise your hips.


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Flabby Muscles Causes:


Flabby muscles causes respond to hormonal changes . Changes that mainly women suffer throughout their lives (menstruation, pregnancy, menopause). When estrogens fall, something that happens especially in menopause, collagen fibers are more easily destroyed.

Also after pregnancy, flaccidity can make an appearance in the abdomen and chest once breastfeeding is over . In these cases, it helps to eat well, hydrate well and take care of the skin with specific oils and products.

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Flabby Thighs Causes

As we say, the main causes of flabby legs are of natural and genetic origin . Since our own body causes us to lose elasticity over the years and flaccidity appears, especially in areas such as the buttocks, thighs, inner face of the legs and arms.

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Poor Diet, Lack of Exercise

Leading a sedentary life , without physical activity, makes the muscles lose volume and the skin becomes more flabby. For this reason, women who spend many hours sitting for their work often suffer from this problem. 

Although it is one of the causes of flabby that is easier to combat and remedy. For example, take the opportunity to walk whenever you can, walk up the stairs, get off one stop before public transport, cycle to places.


On the other hand, nutrition can also accentuate flabby. For example, diets that are low in protein cause lower muscle mass as well. Also the excess of sugars hardens the collagen and accelerates its destruction. Salt is also a food that should be reduced to combat sagging.