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Many people write to me through my website and ask me about the prices of my online fitness trainer services , “I give them the rates” and many clients are surprised at the prices and ask me why is the service of online personal trainer?

I answer that it is a “Effective and cheap personal trainer” service. But equally effective. The training and planning of routines, plus nutritional coach via online; It is economical because the personal trainer will design the fitness plan and coach from his own home. For this reason, the costs of hiring a face-to-face personal trainer are reduced (due to travel expenses, time invested in going to training sessions, plus the time in carrying out personal training sessions).

Sahil (Mohd. Wasique) is an ACE Certified personal fitness trainer & ACE Sports Nutritionist in Gurgaon India. With over 5 years of personal training experience under his belt, he has emerged as one of the best online fitness trainer in Gurgaon. If you are looking for a fitness trainer at home in Gurgaon or an online personal training in Delhi, Sahil can help you immensely.

Sahi Online Fitness Trainer

Distance Training and Routines via online Fitness Trainer

Many people mistakenly believe that an online fitness trainer is not effective because it is remote… that’s why they do not decide to hire a remote coach. But they are not right at all.

With an online personal trainer you can achieve good results and get in top shape, also for very little money per month.

How does a Online personal trainer work? Well, the first thing an online fitness trainer does is send their students a complete questionnaire (which the client must fill out and send back to the coach). In this way the coach will know many vital data (about the client he is going to advise).

Various questions will be asked in the questionnaire: weight, height, age, waist circumference, hip circumference, chest and arm circumference… “food intolerances or allergies”. Goals you want to achieve, injuries or other issues necessary for a full evaluation of your goals and your current physical condition.

Cheap Online Personal Training

The best solution to get fit and no more excuses: Now you know what an online fitness training consists of, you also know that it is an economical fitness advice system (prices tend to be around 1500 to 2000 INR per month approximately). So what are you waiting for to get in shape?

online fitness training

Nowadays due to the total communication via online (whatsapp – email), more via telephone (when necessary) it is perfectly possible to have a perfect communication between the client and the personal trainer. For this reason this service is so effective, but at the same time at a low cost.

The online fitness trainer will answer all your questions, tailor your training to suit you, design a fitness program suited to your personal goals: lose weight, reduce cellulite, increase your legs and arms, tighten your buttocks, mark your abs or just feel good doing sports and taking care of your body.

An Online Personal Trainer that will Help and Guide you at all Times

You already have enough information to make up your mind to change your physical form. You already know what a personal nutrition counseling and training program consists of. You also know that it is a cheap and efficient service. But you still don’t know why you don’t hire it?

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I am Sahil Online Fitness Trainer, “a online personal trainer with great experience in the world of fitness” and in personal training. I help improve the physical condition of many people in Gurgaon (where I also train in person), and in India.

With my help and your willpower, we will be able to change your body, improve your lifestyle, get you into shape, and teach you to take care of and improve your diet (personalized nutritional advice).

All this in addition for very little money per month!

Do not hesitate and get to work to improve your physique, lose those extra pounds , feel better, as well as improve your current lifestyle.

By an online personal training you can achieve good results and also at a very affordable price.

Kind regards from Sahil Fitness, personal trainer and online coach.