Multi-source Collagen Protein peptides are a filamentous protein that is part of all tissues of the human body. The name of the protein comes from the Greek word Kolla – “glue”. This is no coincidence: many experts compare the main function of collagen with glue. Its molecules form long thin protein fibers – fibrils. They serve to hold tissue cells together and bind our body into a single whole. Collagen is involved in the “building” of joints, bones, tendons, hair, nails, and skin and forms the walls of veins, arteries, and capillaries. According to various estimates, it accounts for about a third of all proteins in our body.

What is Collagen Protein Peptides for?

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The functions of collagen in our body vary depending on the organ in which it is found. However, this protein stands out for having a fundamental mission in the different tissues of our body. We reveal it to you below.

Collagen protein peptides are the most abundant protein in the body and one of the essential components in different organs. But what exactly is collagen for?

Although the properties of collagen protein peptides are diverse, its main function is to hold together the structures in which it is present.

In this way, we can say that it acts as a support element in the different connective tissues. Among them, the tissues of the joint (cartilage, ligaments, and tendons), bones and skin.

Likewise, it is also responsible for providing cohesion to the wall of blood vessels, the ocular cornea, dentin, gums, and the connective tissue that protects our muscles and organs.

To do this, it participates in the formation of fibers through which it exercises this network function.

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Precisely, one of the peculiarities of these collagen fibers is that they have the ability to mix with other substances to provide resistance to the different structures.

Thus, at the bone level,  collagen binds with calcium crystals to help maintain strong bones.

In tendons, on the other hand, it creates a parallel and crossed structure to give them a great traction force.

With regard to cartilage, it forms a gel that absorbs the impacts produced by moving the joints.

Regarding the collagen protein relationship, this protein mixes with elastin at the skin level. Thus, both components are responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic.

It is for all this that, when determining what collagen is for, we must bear in mind that its functions will vary depending on the organ in which it is found.

However, in general, we can say that the main function of collagen is to form fibers or support networks that provide cohesion, resistance, and flexibility.

Likewise, it can have more specific actions in specific organs such as the kidney, liver, or heart.

collage protein peptides

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Collagen Protein Benefits

Taking collagen regularly can help solve a variety of problems. Speaking about the properties of collagen, first of all, we remember about slowing down aging. From the school chemistry course, we remember that a protein is a long filamentous molecule with a complex structure. It is these threads that support our skin in an elastic, tightened state, give clarity to the oval of the face and fight against sagging skin. Collagen supplements help keep these filaments firm and tight as they become weaker and thinner.

In addition, collagen helps fight cellulite and stretch marks. Possessing a leveling effect, it is able to significantly reduce the number of hated “bumps”, tighten and tighten the skin, ensuring its speedy regeneration. The same thing happens with traces of post-acne, small scars on the skin become less visible over time, and the skin acquires a radiant and even complexion.

In addition to the “aesthetic” effect, collagen has a beneficial effect on all body systems. The walls of blood vessels and tissues that form the internal organs become thinner with age and weaken no less than the skin of the face, we just do not notice it. And the consequences of these processes can be much more serious than wrinkles. Therefore, collagen is important not only for maintaining external youthfulness but also for keeping the whole organism in the best shape.

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder for?

Our body is capable of producing collagen on its own. However, with age, the production of this protein progressively decreases.

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As a consequence, the skin loses firmness and elasticity, joint pain or other musculoskeletal pathologies may appear (for example, osteoporosis), there is a deterioration in insight and changes in the teeth and gums occur.

These are, among others, changes typical of the aging process. However, the practice of sports or other circumstances can cause premature wear of the different organs.

At the same time, nowadays, in our diet, we do not tend to include foods rich in collagen too often.

Above all, because these tend to be very caloric, have a high fat or sugar content, and require long cooking.

This is the case, for example, of natural meat or fish broths, tripe, pig’s trotters or culinary gelatin.

Thus, in different situations, it may be convenient to make an extra contribution of this protein. Therefore, knowing what hydrolyzed collagen is for can be of great help.

In that sense, while you have probably heard of the benefits of collagen, you may have doubts about what exactly it is.

Well, we can say that hydrolyzed collagen is native collagen. A process, known as hydrolysis, allows our body to absorb it more easily.

Therefore, returning to the properties of hydrolyzed collagen peptides, this protein can be a nutritional aid that contributes, in a natural way, to the well-being of joints, bones, muscles, gums, teeth, and skin *.

Although people of all ages and conditions can take hydrolyzed collagen, there are groups and circumstances for which it is especially indicated.

Mainly, people over 40 years old (especially women): older people; those who want to maintain the flexibility of their joints, the well-being of their bones and muscles and smooth skin; and athletes or those who practice physical exercise or carry weights regularly *.

Of course, in order to enjoy everything that hydrolyzed collagen is for, you have to pay attention to ensuring that it is obtained from natural raw materials, that chemicals are not used in its preparation, and that it is very assimilable.

How to Take collagen?

It is possible to obtain a sufficient amount of collagen from food, but this is not always easy to do, and it is simply unrealistic for vegans and vegetarians because this protein is found exclusively in animal products. Bone broth is hardly the only dish that can provide a good dose of collagen, but not everyone is ready to tinker with its preparation, and not everyone will like it.

Why is Collagen Protein Powder Deficiency Dangerous?

The older we get, the more difficult it is for the body to produce its own collagen. The percentage of collagen production decreases by the age of 20, and after 25 the number of new fibers is already noticeably less than the number of destroyed ones. 

Already at this stage, we notice the first signs of aging: the skin loses its elasticity and moisture, the first wrinkles appear, hair and nails grow more slowly, and their structure becomes thinner. After some time, the lack of collagen can already affect the health of bones, joints, and blood vessels, which leads to the development of various chronic diseases.

In the case of  Colnatur® collagen, all of our products not only meet these requirements but are rapidly soluble and are among the best in terms of taste and smell on the market.

In addition, they do not contain fats, sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, allergens, or GMOs.

Therefore, we encourage you to learn more about  MULTI-SOURCE COLLAGEN PROTEIN PEPTIDES and to start enjoying all the properties of hydrolyzed collagen.