Vivek Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

Hi,This is your Team SF coach Vivek. I have been a fitness professional for 10+ years with experience of working with globally recognized fitness clubs such as golds gym, fitness first, snap fitness and also trained many personal train clients to achieve their goals with a better physical condition.
I love correcting body postures, helping people get rid of their physical pains, and overcome their medical conditions, have been doing this for years and that joy that I get from helping people with these issues is the best of my work.
I am specialized and certified In group training, yoga, certified nutrition specialist, certified supplements specialist, TRX, foam roller(self-myofascial release ), resistance training, and much more fitness routine, still going on with learning new ways to get fit. 


    Vivek Personal Trainer & yoga instructor


    What People Say About Us

    Very dedicated and patient trainer. Transformed me and helped me achieve my body goals in a very short span of time. Certified, experienced and nutrition expert to help you meet your objective

    Vivek Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor 1
    Ansul Sarraf
    I would highly recommend to Sahil Fitness, I achieved my Fitness goal under Sahil sir guidance. I was struggling since 2 years to unlock my lean physique, but as I hired Sahil sir, I had seen my abs and vains. And get back into shape.
    Vivek Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor 2
    Sameer Malik
    Pune Maharashtra
    Hi, i am very glad and thank you Sahil coach that made me good transformation, i have been trying to getting lose my weight but i could not. Sahil fitness best personal fitness trainer help me out and i got lose my weight approximately 10 kg in three months.
    Wasiq Mohd
    Sahil Fitness