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Hey, I’m Dr. Shweta Jaiswal certified naturopath specialist and nutritionist besides that I’m a Yoga and experienced fitness trainer for the last 6 years… I have worked with two known co-operate fitness companies Cultfit and Fitso for 3yrs and helped a lot of clients to lead a healthy lifestyle. Right now I am working with SahilFitness. I have transformed my life and can do the same for you. As a Coach, apart from making people fit I love to improve food relationships by ditching the On-Off diet cycle for good. I strongly believe in human touch over bookish approaches or technicalities.
Life’s purpose is NOT to lose weight or take up less space. Good health has to stay forever despite you reaching your desired number. Your good food/bad food list is not the answer to all your problems.
My goal is not just to focus on your obsession to look thin but also to make sure of your Internal health, performance, and aesthetics. The principles of my coaching are simple:
Open Communication
Inculcating Good habits over time
The idea of coaching is to make sure that “DIET” never feels like a burden or the stereotype that is attached to it, but rather a pleasant experience and progress towards your goals.
I Specialize in
Fat loss
Muscle Gain
Knee pain
Dementia cure
Back Relief
General well-being
We are a team together and we will get you to the best shape. I am here to make you fall in love with yourself.


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Shweta Jaiswal female fitness trainer


What People Say About Us

Very dedicated and patient trainer. Transformed me and helped me achieve my body goals in a very short span of time. Certified, experienced and nutrition expert to help you meet your objective

Shweta Jaiswal Fitness Instructor 1
Ansul Sarraf
I would highly recommend to Sahil Fitness, I achieved my Fitness goal under Sahil sir guidance. I was struggling since 2 years to unlock my lean physique, but as I hired Sahil sir, I had seen my abs and vains. And get back into shape.
Shweta Jaiswal Fitness Instructor 2
Sameer Malik
Pune Maharashtra
Hi, i am very glad and thank you Sahil coach that made me good transformation, i have been trying to getting lose my weight but i could not. Sahil fitness best personal fitness trainer help me out and i got lose my weight approximately 10 kg in three months.
Wasiq Mohd
Sahil Fitness